Weekend Society

Weekend Society is a club concept on selected Saturdays. We pride ourselves with a subtle focus on light and sound, and the buildup throughout the night.

We normally spend a few days to plan a new light show in order to tailor it for the DJ's music profile and improve your club experience.

We always come with an extra light installation, and our resident light technician does the light show live for your convenience.

Event frequency: 1-2 Saturdays / year
Dresscode: Come in style

Weekend Society DJ

After Hours

After Hours is the latest addition to the Weekend Society concept family. This concept aims to bring people together on selected Fridays in order to meet and socialize.

Our focus is to make a warm and pleasant atmosphere, with a customized menu including a variety of food and sides. We also have vegetarian options.

Throughout the night, we'll take you through a journey of different phases. From the very first hours 'til the very late hours. As we strive to give you an innovative experience every time, our resident light technicians and DJs will standby from early hours to adapt the light and sound environment according to mood. When the time is right, we'll transfer the social club into just the right party.

Event frequency: 1-2 Fridays / year
Dresscode: Smart casual

weekend Society afterwork food